Running Time: 100 min

Vincent Gagliostro

United States

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Before he was an art director with a successful background in design and fashion, director Vincent Gagliostro was a founding member of the AIDS activist group ACT UP, creating many of the group’s now iconic protest graphics. Not surprisingly, AFTER LOUIE shares numerous parallels with the director’s life and clear autobiographical elements in the film’s lead character, Sam, played by the versatile Alan Cumming (CABARET). The moody and abrasive Sam is a struggling artist who has endeavored unsuccessfully to write a book about his late friend William, whose death he is still reeling from years later.

Sam, like many men who lead the charge at the forefront of the battle for acceptance and survival during the AIDS crisis, is understandably frustrated by the seemingly blasé attitudes of today’s younger generations who only know a world where gay marriage is legal and HIV is a manageable illness. The young and attractive Braeden, whom Sam picks up in a club, seems at first to Sam to be the embodiment of this carefree attitude, yet things change as their relationship grows.

In AFTER LOUIE, Gagliostro has crafted a slow but thoughtful narrative that explores the often-isolating feeling of survival, as Sam continues to navigate a sense of generational tragedy that feels both distant and all too timely.
— Julia Youngs