Running Time: 111 min

Carlos Marques-Marcet


Spanish with some English subtitles

Film Website

Official Selection
BFI Flare London LGBTQ+ Film Festival

Winner: Audience Award, Best Female Feature
Roze Filmdagen Amsterdam LGBTQ Film Festival

In ANCHOR AND HOPE Carlos Marques-Marcet explores the nuances that both keep relationships together and tear them apart. Set against the charming backdrop of London’s canals with a delightful soundtrack, the young Eva (Oona Chaplin from GAME OF THRONES) and Kat (Natalia Tena from HARRY POTTER AND THE DEATHLY HALLOWS) seem to live a carefree and idyllic life. After a funeral for their cat, overseen by Eva’s bohemian mother Germaine (played by the in-comparable Geraldine Chaplin), Eva suddenly decides that a baby is the per-fect anchor for their nomadic life. Kat is visibly reluctant about the commitment and lifestyle change, and Eva’s plans seem to accelerate with the arrival of Kat’s friend Roger.

After a drunken night together, Kat wakes up to a hangover and the news of Roger and Eva’s plans to have a child together. The trio’s attempt at unconventional family-making reveals unspoken tensions as Roger and Eva’s enthusiasm leaves Kat on the sidelines. This fissure and the exposure of their true feelings tears Ava and Kat apart. Marques-Marcet’s feature strives to eschew both the predictability of rom-coms and a narrow minded view of what families look like in the 21st century. Ultimately, this film offers hope for the unconventional family of three.
— Julia Youngs