COPA 181

Running Time: 82 min

Dannon Lacerda


with English Subtitles


Copa 181
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Best Feature Film
The Maipú International Film Festival 2018

Copa 181, a gay sauna not unlike the legendary Continental Baths, is the meeting place for a ragtag group of strangers looking for anonymous sex and perhaps a friendly smile in this supremely human story. Liberated and free to act as they please, everyone at the bathhouse falls under the dual spells of sex and escape from mundane reality.

On any given day at Copa 181, tucked in a corner of the Copacabana neighborhood in Rio de Janeiro, expect to find Taná, a hardware shopkeeper and occasionally his wife Eros, a powerful opera singer struggling to master her performance of a new score. Among the others at the bathhouse is Kika, a trans singer and entertainer who is attempting to escape a violent relationship with a gigolo who also works at the baths. The film slowly chronicles Taná, Kika, and Eros as they attempt to find happiness, underscoring the message that family is where you find it.
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