Running Time: 113 min

Carla Cavina

Puerto Rico



Film Website

Audience Award: Best Feature Film
Puerto Rico Queer Film Fest

2nd Place Audience Award
Milan International Lesbian & Gay Film Fest

Audience Runner Up: Best Feature
OutShine Film Festival Miami

First-time director Carla Cavina makes a strong debut with the humorous and touching EXTRA-TERRESTRIALS. Teresa, a quiet and thoughtful astrophysicist, returns to Puerto Rico on a surprise trip to visit her conservative parents and invite them to her wedding to fellow astronomer Daniella. During her visit, Teresa remains tightlipped as her mother, brother and sister pry as to who the lucky “man” is.

But the Díaz family is in the middle of a profound poultry predicament. Corrupt government elements threaten the chicken processing empire, pitting family members against each other and revealing long-buried secrets. Chaos further ensues when Daniella unexpectedly arrives on the scene.

As the title suggests, EXTRA-TERRESTRIALS is not just about the unknown life in the cosmos, but also provides a thoughtful exploration of the sense of being alien and alone down on terra firma. But perhaps, as Cavina’s work suggests, we are not so foreign to each other after all.
— Julia Youngs