Running Time: 88 min

Bani Khoshnoudi

Mexico, U.S.A., Greece, Dominican Republic

English, Spanish and Persian
with English subtitles


Winner: Best Actor
Lleida Latin-American
Film Festival

When Ramin stowed away on a Turkish cargo ship, he never expected to wind up in Veracruz, Mexico where he must suddenly cope with language and social barriers. While he performs grueling manual labor to afford a clearly unwise return voyage to Turkey, he begins to discover a freer life than he experienced as a gay man under a harshly repressive Iranian government. He coaxes Spanish lessons from Leti (FLOR EDUARDA GURROLA), the heartbroken woman who runs the small hotel where he lives, and finds himself drawn toward Guillermo (Luis Alberti, EINSTEIN IN GUANAJUATO), a warm, but inscrutable construction worker with a body full of bullet scars.

Beautifully shot by Bani Khoshnoudi, FIREFLIES won the top prize in the Ibero-American Competition at the 2019 Miami Film Festival. A sensitive portrait of a gay man lost in exile, Fireflies shows us a world where borders can’t always be crossed, and our scars tell our stories.
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