October 13 • 7:00pm
Guild Cinema

Johnny Saxby grudgingly works his family farm by day and drinks to excess by night, seeking furtive sexual experiences with other men, anonymously and with practiced disaffect. When Romanian migrant worker Gheorghe arrives to assist with lambing season, Johnny’s attitude toward his family responsibilities softens following a multi-day job on the edge of the farm that has the two men spending day and night together. Although Johnny attempts his usual aggressive fumbling, Gheorghe instead coaxes him into a more tender experience, and the two develop romantic feelings.

October 13 • 9:30pm
Guild Cinema

Set against the stunning and secluded backdrop of the Icelandic countryside, Erlingur Thoroddsen’s RIFT is a visual treat that will have you hooked and wanting to know more. “Someone is here with me,” whispers the distraught Gunnar in a late-night phone call to his ex-boyfriend Einar. After rushing to the secluded cabin where Einar is hiding out, Gunnar is frustrated to find his ex-lover drinking and merrily carrying on.