Running Time: 83 min

Rose Troche



Winner: Outstanding Film Award
GLAAD Media Award 1995

Winner: Drama Award
Lambda Literary Award 1995

Winner: Best Feature Film Award
Teddy Award 1995

Long before there was THE L WORD Rose Troche and Guinevere Turner catapulted lesbian relationships and friendships into the mainstream with their hip, black-and-white comedy GO FISH. The film tells the story of Max, a young lesbian in Chicago who has hit a serious dry spell in her dating and sex life, until she meets Ely, who isn’t exactly on the market. While there is instant chemistry between the two their relationship is slow to unfold due to a complicated entanglement of friends, lovers, and unexplored desires. GO FISH keeps viewers on the hook waiting for the moment that Ely and Max finally tumble into bed and in the process explores the nuance, complications, and comedy of a not-yet-explored lesbian subculture.

Released during a time when gay characters were rarely seen on screen — and if they were it was usually as a commentary on the AIDS crisis or in the throes of coming out — GO FISH presented a refreshing matter of fact take on both the mundanity and joy of queer life. Troche and Turner’s characters are funny, erotic, nuanced, and relatable. For those who watched GO FISH 25 years ago it’s celebrated re-release screening will feel like coming home to old friends.
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Special guest appearance by
Guinevere Turner