Running Time: 105 min

Tom Gustafson

United States


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The fast-paced HELLO AGAIN brings together a powerful cast from stage and screen to question the boundary between fantasy and reality, and where sex ends and love begins. Spanning from 1901 to the present day, HELLO AGAIN presents a series of eleven musical vignettes in which ten characters pair up in various yet overlapping configurations and time periods, exploring a full range of sexual proclivities.

A prostitute, a soldier, a chambermaid, a married woman, a poet, an actress and a count are just some of the unique characters in the film, but the real intrigue comes in its narrative style. After each tryst one of the two characters forms a liaison with the character in the next scene, in a continuous chain of sexual romps.

Gustafson’s work brings to the screen Michael John LaChiusa’s award-winning off-Broadway play of the same name with the addition of a poppy, disco-infused soundtrack and bright cinematography. Even the most skeptical of musical goers can rest assured that the score packs a punch with strong performances by stars such as six-time Tony Award winner Audra McDonald, Martha Plimpton (THE GOOD WIFE), T.R. Knight (GREYS ANATOMY) and Rumer Willis amongst others.
— Julia Youngs