Running Time: 100 min

Ernesto Contreras



Audience Award: World Cinema – Dramatic
Sundance Film Festival

Audience Award: Best International Feature
Florida Film Festival

Press Award: Best Mixican Feature – Fiction
Guadalajara International Film Festival

Deep in the forest of Veracruz live the few remaining speakers of Zikril, an indigenous language. Martin, a young linguist from Mexico City, wishes to preserve the language by recording conversations between the elders. Shortly after his arrival, his hostess’s mother passes away, leaving Don Isauro and Don Evaristo as the only speakers—and they haven’t spoken to each other in half a century. The root of their grudge is known only to the two men and Evaristo’s granddaughter, Llvuia. Without their mutual cooperation, the men must face the death of their language and their culture as well as their own mortality.

At times fantastical, the story remains grounded in present-day reality as indigenous languages disappear from our world. Gradually digging into the layers of Isauro and Evaristo’s feud via flashbacks, we see how the two friends are torn apart, while in the present, Martin and Lluvia attempt to bring the men together, amidst growing feelings for one another.

With the lush forest setting and a bold decision to let conversations in the fabricated language of Zikril go untranslated, director Ernesto Contreras and his brother, writer Carlos Contreras, set their film in a place where the mystical and corporeal coexist. An elegy to friendship and the magic surrounding us, I DREAM IN ANOTHER LANGUAGE is a film of raw power and beauty.
— Elisa McGovern

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