Running Time: 96 min

Rebekah Fortune

United Kingdom


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Audience Award
Edinburgh International Film Festival

Golden Slipper: Best Feature Film for Youth
Zlín Film Festival

Rebekah Fortune’s sensitive family drama is a film about everything and nothing changing all at once. On the soccer field, Charlie (newcomer Harry Gilby) thrives and seems to have the world quite literally at her feet when an offer to play professionally comes along. And no one is more excited by this opportunity than her overbearing and pushy father (Scot Williams). While athletic glory seems just within reach, happiness for Charlie is even further away, as Fortune well captures the profound sense of isolation and claustrophobia that Charlie feels having been raised as a boy.

Charlie’s decision to transition threatens both her soccer career and her family stability. Although Charlie’s mother and sister are unwavering allies, her father is incapable and unwilling to accept her transition. With emotional nuance and sincerity, Just Charlie explores the challenges that young transgender people face. As Charlie’s father ultimately recognizes, through her transition Charlie is more honestly herself than ever before.
— Julia Youngs

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