Running Time: 90 min

Jenna Laurenzo



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Winner: Jury Award for Best Feature
Bentonville Film Fest

Lauren is about to embark on the most wild Thanksgiving holiday of her life, but coming home – and coming out during the holidays – is fraught with surprises. LEZ BOMB is an entertaining multi-generational comedy of errors, full of laughs and tender moments. Still closeted, but very much wanting to come out, Lauren (Writer-Director Jenna Laurenzo) brings her girlfriend home for Thanksgiving with the intent of coming out to her extended family. Little does she know that every effort to come out will be thwarted.

First, Lauren’s male roommate arrives for dinner and the family assumes he’s the boyfriend. As more and more family members arrive it seems less and less likely that Lauren will find her voice. Little does Lauren know that her family all has their own surprises and secrets. The result is a hilarious turn of events forcing the family to come together in a ceremonious series of coincidences and, as it turns out, there is no good time to drop the LEZ BOMB.

This star-studded cast, including the vivacious Cloris Leachman and Bruce Dern as Lauren’s grandparents, Steve Guttenberg, Kevin Pollack, Elaine Hendrix, and Caitlin Mehner, is a true ensemble. Bobby Farrelly, known for his work on DUMB AND DUMBER and THERE’S SOMETHING ABOUT MARY, is the executive producer.