October 18 • 6:30pm
Guild Cinema

The fast-paced HELLO AGAIN brings together a powerful cast from stage and screen to question the boundary between fantasy and reality, and where sex ends and love begins. Spanning from 1901 to the present day, HELLO AGAIN presents a series of eleven musical vignettes in which ten characters pair up in various yet overlapping configurations and time periods, exploring a full range of sexual proclivities.

October 18 • 7:00pm
South Broadway Cultural Center

The tortured and tequila-cured voice of Chavela Vargas is as unique as the story of her life. Born Isabel Vargas Lizano in Costa Rica in 1919, Chavela was an awkward child whose boyish presentation brought shame to her strict and religious parents. While the Golden Age of Mexican cinema would draw Vargas to her adopted homeland, her rise to fame was anything but smooth, for in the masculine world of Mexican ranchera music there is little room for women.

October 18 • 8:45pm
Guild Cinema

Life is not easy for Ulysses (Luka Kain), a shy teen struggling with gender identity and being bullied at school. After the unexpected death of his father his home life becomes difficult when his mom asks strict, religious Aunt Rose (Regina Taylor) to help take care of the family. Rose won’t tolerate disobedience and certainly not crossdressing after she discovers Ulysses trying on his mother’s clothes. As a way of coping, he escapes in a rich fantasy life of music and dance.