Running Time: 86 min

John Waters



POLYESTER is John Waters’ portrait of a perfect suburban family gone very, very wrong. Divine (PINK FLAMINGOS, FEMALE TROUBLE, HAIRSPRAY) is Francine Fishpaw, a housewife whose perfect life is crumbling. Her daughter Lulu announces she is quitting school to chase her dream of working as a stripper. Her delinquent son Dexter is a sex pervert who has been stomping women’s feet all over Baltimore. And she discovers that Elmer, her husband, is having an affair with his secretary Sandra (festival favorite Mink Stole). Francine soon descends into alcoholism and despair as Elmer and Sandra mount a campaign to torment and humiliate her. At absolute rock bottom, Francine is swept off of her feet by her dream man, Todd Tomorrow (Tab Hunter, in his iconic comeback role). Of course, as any John Waters fan knows, Francine’s newfound happiness, love and luck can’t possibly last forever. Filmed originally in Odorama, POLYESTER is a certifiable classic film by a genius director working at the top of his game.