Running Time: 111 min

Erlingur Thoroddsen



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Artistic Vision Award
OUTFEST Los Angeles

Official Selection
Göteborg Film Festival

Set against the stunning and secluded backdrop of the Icelandic countryside, Erlingur Thoroddsen’s RIFT is a visual treat that will have you hooked and wanting to know more. “Someone is here with me,” whispers the distraught Gunnar in a late-night phone call to his ex-boyfriend Einar. After rushing to the secluded cabin where Einar is hiding out, Gunnar is frustrated to find his ex-lover drinking and merrily carrying on.

Yet the quietude of the chilly Icelandic night quickly reveals that all is not well, and someone — or something — is in fact there with the two men. In their isolation, the couple is forced to re-hash and reconcile past issues and bond in the pursuit of the unnamed evil lurking outside. This atmospheric and psychological thriller slowly but surely reels you in as Einar and Gunnar attempt to discover the truth behind the mystery of the menacing yet invisible force that lies just beyond their cabin door. 
— Julia Youngs