Running Time: 100 min

Nils-Erik Ekblom



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Official Selection
Frameline San Francisco LGBTQ International Film Festival

This lyrical and poetic coming-of-age film is about a young gay man on the cusp of adulthood. After a party-turned-rave that destroys his home, 17-year-old sexually insecure Miku is doomed to spend the rest of the summer at the family cottage, where both his parents avoid dealing with their own budding relationship crisis. But the calm of the Finnish countryside takes an interesting turn when Miku meets Elias, a confident young man with whom he strikes up an intense friendship. The two have little in common except their dysfunctional families, but they are drawn to each other.
Miku finds himself pressured by Elias to deal with his repressed sexuality. Elias has his own baggage to deal with and finds it easier to discard Miku from his life instead of starting another broken romance. This realistic depiction of a young gay man’s sexual awakening is rife with tender and erotic interactions between the two young men.