Running Time: 87 min

Melissa Finell

United States


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Official Selection
LA Film Festival

If you think you have issues, meet Dr. Serena Wolfe: brilliant scientist, misanthropic human being. Played with great nuance by Anna Lise Phillips, this work place comedy will have you dying with laughter. After making one too many insensitive comments about a co-worker, Serena is forced into sensitivity training in order to keep her job.

Enter the impossibly perky sensitivity coach, Caroline, in a top-notch performance by Jill E. Alexander (SILICON VALLEY, MAD MEN). This is the perfect assignment for Caroline, who’s thrilled not to do her usual sexual harassment training for another clueless corporate man. But Caroline soon has her hands full with Serena who challenges her every step of the way. Slowly, Caroline chips away at Serena’s heavy armor and in her attempt to humanize Serena, Caroline learns a few things about herself. This female buddy comedy has a lot of heart and will have you thinking about the meaning of friendship long after the lights come up.
— Diana Scarbrough