Running Time: 104 min

Monja Art


with English Subtitles


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Winner: Best Feature Film
Max Ophüls Festival

Winner: Best Young Actress
Elisabeth Wabitsch

Max Ophüls Festiva

Paula is a young Austrian teenager, attending boarding school and navigating all the typical anxieties of high school life. While she has a couple close and supportive friends and a promising aptitude for French-language study, Paula is also grappling with budding desires for other women. While one classmate in particular, Charlotte, has caught Paula’s attention, a lack of reciprocal affection leads Paula into a series of romantic and sexual encounters with other classmates in her small town.

Monja Art’s feature SEVENTEEN plunges its audience back into the uncertain space of teenage life with Paula as she plots a course through love, confusion, and jealousy. Balancing academic pressures, the responsibility of caring for her disabled father, as well as her love interests, Paula must find stability somewhere, within her classmates or herself. This dramatic feature film will have movie-goers on the edge of their seat until the very end.
— Cole Carvour