Running Time: 102 min

Leon Le


with English Subtitles


Song Lang
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Official Selection
Hawaii International
Film Festival

Winner: Vietnamese
Golden Kite Award
for Best Feature Film

Vietnam Cinema Association 2019

Winner: Vietnamese
Golden Kite Award for Best Actor

Vietnam Cinema Association 2019

From director Leon Le, SONG LANG is a beautifully imagined portrait of the noir underworld of 1980’s Saigon with a rich color palette and tightly woven script. Linh Phung (Isaac) is the star of a local cải lương (Vietnamese opera) company who is relentlessly hounded by the debt collectors of a ruthless loan shark named Thunderbolt after the troupe falls behind on their payments. The brooding Dung (Lien Binh Phat) is tasked with extracting the money from Linh, yet, as their paths cross. an unexpected relationship develops between the two.

Le’s film provides a powerful look at questions of masculinity, cultural norms, and desire in post-war Vietnam. The cải lương performance interludes are a beautiful look at the folk culture of Vietnam, which is the binding force between Linh and Dung. Le and Lien Binh Phat have received numerous film awards across Asia for this unique film.
— Julia Youngs