Running Time: 132 min

Christophe Honoré


French with English subtitles
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Winner: Best Screenplay
ICS Cannes Award

Official Selection
Cannes International Film Festival

Official Selection
New York Film Festival

It is 1993 in Paris, and Jacques, a talented author in his mid-thirties, is HIV-positive. He is worn down by his prognosis and isn’t looking to connect with anyone new. He has a young son, work relationships, one close friend, and a few exes, but he’s biding his time. It’s not until a chance encounter with Arthur catches him off-guard that his need for connection is reawakened and he falls into one last love.

Living as a student and camp counselor in Brittany, Arthur spends his nights confidently prowling a cruisy basketball court for anonymous sex with men, but as his feelings for Jacques grow into his first real love, he begins to comprehend that he can have something beyond discreet hookups.

Set in a world suffused with dispassionate blues and adorned with stand-out performances, Christophe Honoré’s SORRY ANGEL is a complex and moving portrait of love at the very edge of life.
— Jon Bocock
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