Running Time: 105 min

Ofir Raul Graizer

Germany / Israel

English, Hebrew and German with English Subtitles
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Winner: Best Picture
Ophir Awards

Winner: Best Director
Ophir Awards

Winner: Best Actress
Ophir Awards

Jewish Federation of New Mexico
The chocolate cake and delicate cinnamon cookies aren’t the only thing to delight in Ofir Raul Graizer’s tender and thoughtful debut, THE CAKEMAKER. Thomas, an acclaimed Berlin baker, finds himself enchanted by the friendly traveling salesman, Oren, who takes his morning coffee at Thomas’ bakery with increasing frequency. Oren and Thomas find themselves in an unexpected and passionate relationship, but all changes when Oren dies suddenly in a car crash back home in Jerusalem. The bereaved Thomas travels to Jerusalem to learn more about Thomas’ life, and in the process finds his widow, Anat, and their family. In Jerusalem Thomas begins working in the Kosher bakery operated by Oren’s widow, without revealing his previous relationship with Oren.

THE CAKEMAKER is a moving debut by Graizer and masterfully unfolds the tale of three complicated and passionate relationships split by cultures and geography. Graizer’s film is more than a love story, but a musing on contemporary German-Israeli relations and the present and past ghosts that haunt those relationships. Thomas’ private, meticulous approach to his pastries contrasts with the religious and communal traditions that shape Oren and Anat’s culinary traditions in Jerusalem. In THE CAKEMAKER, food is not only the bridge between cultures, but the bond connecting lives in the midst of change and loss.
— Julia Youngs