Running Time: 105 min

Hari Sama


with English Subtitles


This Is Not Berlin
Film Samuel Goldwyn Films Website

Winner: Special Jury Award
Malaga Spanish Film Festival

Winner: Best Supporting Actor
Malaga Spanish Film Festival

Winner; Best Cinematography
Malaga Spanish Film Festival

“Is this a gay bar?” 17-year-old misfit Gera asks. “It’s an everything bar,” his best friend’s sister, Rita, replies. In this unflinching dive into Mexico City’s mid-1980s punk rock underground, “everything” is what you get. A drama about family bonds and decadent nightlife, a coming-of-age tale as wild as it is melancholy, THIS IS NOT BERLIN stands as one of the year’s boldest and most acclaimed international hits.

Gera and Carlos don’t fit in with the aggressive boys at high school. When they con their way into an anything-goes dance club to see Rita’s punk band, they get seduced into a world of hard drugs, rough sex, and transgressive performance art. As Carlos gets drawn into the orbit of queer artist Nico (a searing, award-winning performance from up-and-comer Mauro Sanchez Navarro), he and Gera find themselves questioning their sexuality, their sanity, and their friendship.

Featuring breathless cinematography and live music performances that bristle with energy, THIS IS NOT BERLIN ranks as one of 2019’s most vibrant and memorable imports. Director Hari Sama takes a classic tale of teen awakening and revs it up to 11 with passion, insight, and a remarkably gifted cast of actors.
— Frank Danay