Running Time: 93 min

Fiona Dawson
Gabriel Silverman



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Winner: Audience Award for Best Documentary
SXSW 2018

Winner: Jury Award
North Carolina Gay & Lesbian Film Festival 2018

Winner: Grand Jury Award for Best Documentary
Florida Film Festival 2018

American Veterans for Equal Rights
Although “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” was repealed in 2011 and the Pentagon lifted the ban on transgender individuals serving openly in 2016, the day to day experience for many transgender service members in the US Military remains continuously and dangerously in flux. 2017 saw renewed attacks on transgender individuals’ right to serve, and, despite the barrage of threats and uncertain political climate, over fifteen thousand trans individuals continue to serve. This makes the United States Military the largest employer of transgender individuals in the US, yet these troops continue to defend their country under the constant threat of dishonorable discharge.

TRANSMILITARY focuses on the lives of four transgender service members caught in a state of uncertainty between geography, identity, and policy as they fight to defend their country and their own rights. For some of these individuals, the military is paradoxically both a dangerous place to be trans, and one of the few places where they feel like they are allowed to live truthfully in their gender identity and expression. Following the Emmy-nominated short TRANSGENDER, AT WAR AND IN LOVE, Fiona Dawson and Gabe Silverman’s thought provoking film chronicles these four brave individuals who are taking on the Pentagon in the fight for equal rights.
— Julia Youngs
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