Running Time: 97 min

Linda Goldstein Knowlton



We Are
The Radical Monarchs

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Winner: Special Jury Prize
Boston International
Film Festival

Winner: Audience Award
Best Documentary

InsideOut Toronto 2019

Winner: Golden Space Needle Award Best Documentary
SIFF 2019

What’s better than Thin Mints and Tagalongs? Justice and equality. For the girls in the Radical Monarchs the question is not how many badges you can get, but how can you be a better friend and community member? From Emmy-nominated filmmaker Linda Goldstein-Knowlton (WHALE RIDER), WE ARE THE RADICAL MONARCHS follows the founders of the Radical Monarchs, moms and activists Anyavette Martinez and Marilyn Hollinquest. Praised as a social-justice focused alternative Girl Scouts, the Radical Monarchs are an Oakland-based group for young girls of color to find community and learn about personal, social, and community issues.

Knowlton thoughtfully captures the challenges the group faces in expanding their chapters in a divided and hostile political climate, buoyed by the Monarch’s unshakable optimism and tenacity. For those dismayed by the daily onslaught of news, WE ARE THE RADICAL MONARCHS reminds us of the power of taking a radical stance towards equality, justice, and friendship in our communities.
— Julia Youngs